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Who we are

The abbey of San Paolo d'Argon is a place rich in history and beauty. Its redevelopment aimed to reaffirm its centrality in the life and socio-economic development of the entire territorial area, and today it finds inspiration from its very ancient origins: the figure of Saint Paul, "the greatest christian missionary in history” which, in order to bring the Gospel to men, traveled almost the entire known world, leads back to the great themes of migration and knowledge, travel and faith.

The protection and enhancement of the historical-archaeological-religious heritage of the Abbey are to be considered the center of any use and development project, the real wealth around which to build a compatible system of services useful for the enjoyment of citizens, for the needs of institutions, tour operators, the world of school, higher education and scientific dissemination.

The diocesan Office for the Pastoral Care of Migrants, the Diocesan Caritas of Bergamo, the Diocesan Missionary Center and the Adriano Bernareggi Foundation are the custodians of this place.

Fondazione Diakonia onlus is the legal and economic owner and manager of the activities and places of the abbey of San Paolo d'Argon.

The activity of the abbey is divided into two areas of intervention:

  • Reception: has the task of keeping the abbey accessible and functional and managing access to the premises, coordinating the various activities.
  • Enhancement: it promotes the historical and artistic heritage of the abbey by structuring specific guided visits, itineraries and events.

The main activity of the Abbey is to host Fileo. In addition to this it also houses the JAC Foundation.