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29 10 2023

Shooting the Walk - dal 15 al 29 Ottobre

A selection of 20 images dedicated to the naturalistic and cultural contexts that the Via delle Sorelle, the 130-kilometer Way that joins the cities of Bergamo and Brescia, crosses and offers to the gaze of the wayfarer.

A path "stopped" in moments, an emotional journey that evocatively recounts the path of discovery of the path itself: in fact, Alessio Guitti, in addition to being a photographer, is also the one who designed and traced La Via delle Sorelle, uniting ancient and new roads, searching for that greenery, those views and glimpses that makes it something unexpected.

A continuous search for a sometimes "relegated" nature that, in this Via, returns absolute protagonist. Walking in that limbo, in the hills, between plains and mountains, that makes one aspire to the best and at the same time atone for what is right not to forget.

The images thus become a sort of album to browse through for those who have already traveled La Via delle Sorelle and a small, intense anticipation for the wayfarers who will want to set out.


The Association was founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting initiatives and projects in tourism, culture, food and wine, and education in a sustainable way. In 2020 it expanded its social structure, expanding to include expert figures in slow tourism related to trekking. To date Slow Ride Italy has within it professionals in the fields of communication and marketing, art and culture, tourism, food and wine, and facilitated finance.

Envisioned since July 2020, studied and designed in 2021 and presented for the first time at the end of 2021 to the institutions, it is the project "THE WAY OF THE SISTERS - Brescia Bergamo Walk."


An independent professional photographer, over the years he has collaborated with photo agencies, communication agencies, specializing especially in cultural events, shows, concerts and sports. For 10 years he has been following RCS cycling races in the logistics team, an experience that leads him to travel for entire weeks throughout the Peninsula to discover landscapes, villages and communities. Trekking and nature are two great passions that he has been pursuing for years, a convinced advocate of slow and sustainable tourism.

The Via delle Sorelle is a project of the Municipalities of Brescia and Bergamo, and the Provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, conceived, designed and coordinated by Slow Ride Italy, together they have created a partnership of which the municipalities crossed by the Way and other associations are part. The Via delle Sorelle, included within the Dossier Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, was supported by the Lombardy Region, Fondazione ASM, Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione della Comunità Bergamasca and Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana, Visit Bergamo and Visit Brescia.