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06 05 2024

Borders and crossings

Those who flee their homelands are moved by a number of factors that remain largely unknown to us or that easily cause us to lock up behind commonplaces or rough justifications.

Borders and crossings proposes an itinerary that aims to develop the existing correlations between the phenomenon of human mobility (more commonly referred to as migration) and three other equally urgent dimensions of our historical period that are often its cause or possible key to its interpretation: conflicts, the educational challenge and climate change.

The San Fermo Community, Associazione Gruppo Liberamente, Aeper Group and Don Primo Bonassi Foundation with Fileo are promoting a series of meetings.
In a first phase (fall 2023) we developed the ongoing dynamic between migration and conflict We now focus on the relationship between migration and cultural and educational challenges.

Educating and creating culture are processes that are elaborated and modified according to the social actors who are involved and made participants. The educational challenge of the new generations, the cultural growth of our society and the very elaboration of a cultural model are the result of a series of choices that, consciously or unconsciously, we also make in relation to those who reach us from other lands and other worlds.

April 15 at 8:45 p.m. at the San Fermo Community.
Via Santi Maurizio e Fermo, 11 - Bergamo
Places and practices for intercultural and educational growth
In dialogue with:
Chiara Angarano and Filippo Cecchini Manara (La Fabbrica dei Sogni)
Vanesa Gutiérrez (Ruah Social Cooperative)
Andrea Pioselli (Istituto Comprensivo Mazzi - Bergamo)
Mariagrazia Vergani (Mayor of Ranica)

May 6 at 8:45 p.m. at the Abbey San Paolo d'Argon
Educational and cultural resource for Italy and Europe
In dialogue with Maurizio Ambrosini (Sociologist - University of Milan)

#humanmobility #interculture #educational challenges