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2023 > Incontracre. MULTI-dimensional passages

We live in a MULTI world: multi-linguistic, multi-cultural, multi-religious. We will play out some dimensions of cross-cultural care. Each activity will immerse children and youth in "multi" CARE through the looks of Migrant Ministry, Caritas, Dialogue, Missions ...and beyond!

Training workshop for animators
Incontracre in the oratory (2.5 hours)
Incontracre in the Abbey of San Paolo d'Argon (2.5 hours)

How it works.
We divide the kids into teams, followed by their own animators led by our facilitators.
Each team will jump from one dimension to another, immersing themselves in the different activities.

Who gets to play?
The activities are divided into two age groups:
6-9 years old
10-14 years old

Active proposal between June 21 and July 31
(training from May onward)
Registration by June 20, 2023
Cost: 3 euros per person (animators not included)


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